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Do you ever ask yourself...... What is the meaning of Life?

Read on.....

Here at Stornoway Baptist Church we try to provide the only solution for the need of the soul. We plead with you not to let the ultimate meaning and purpose of life pass you by.

True fulfilment and happiness depends on knowing who we are and why we exsist.The bible explains to us we can never find the true meaning and purpose to life without knowing the Lord God, our creator.

Don't let yourself be swept away, programmed and ruled by the materialism and pleasures of this fallen world.If we are honest we admit those pleasures only last for a time then the emptiness of life prevails again. We need the Lord Jesus Christ and one day we must give account to Him.Come and hear at Stornoway Baptist Church what He has done in divine love for needy sinners like us.

Please feel welcome to come to our Services

    Lords Day 11am & 6pm  & Wednesday 7.30pm

Our Lords Day  morning service is a teaching and worship service and our evening service is a clear and direct Gospel message.

On Thursday evening our public Bible Study is followed by our members Prayer Meeting.

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